Yaşam Tekstil

Company Policy


We create a just and respectful environment where our employees can display their best potential with high level of mutual trust.


As Yaşam Tekstil family, we all have the consciousness to act to the best of company interest and avoid any misconduct which may degrade company status.


We observe absolute righteousness and honesty in our relations with our suppliers and competitors as well as in our financial records.


We have commited ourselves to establish a working environment with high level of trust which is the kind of atmosphere where our employees can exhibit their best performances. Any unlawful transgression such as harassment, discrimination, threats towards health&safety impairs our environment, which is shaped with high level of trust, and makes it more difficult for people to reach to perfection. Thus, our company policy strictly observes a safe working environment which is free of any act of harassment, intimidation and discrimination.

Equal Opportunities: We pursue a strong equal opportunities policy for our employees as well as new applicants and we have commited ourselves to comply with any liability enforced by law.

Against Discrimination: When deciding on employment issues(i.e. hiring, promotion, compensation), our workforce policy enables people from all walks of life to work in our company regardless of race, colour, relegion, age, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, disability, military service or veteran cases, marital status etc.

Against Harassment: We endeavor to eliminate any types of harassment and bullying at workplace whether it happens on the basis of sexual, verbal, ethnic, racial, gender, religion or other law protected rights and features of people. Launching a prompt and comprehensive investigation as a result of any complaints of harassment and discrimination towards our employees is our company policy. The company board would not hesitate to take any preventive action necessary in case of such inadmissible behaviour which violates company policy.

Health&Safety: We comply with all the current health, safety, environment and business laws and work towards establishing a healthier and safer working environment.

Drug&Alcohol-Free Workplace: Our business site is free of alcohol abuse and illegal drug usage.

Data Privacy: In accordance with Electronic Correspondence Policy which is valid for our business unit, we respect the rights of co-workers regarding how the personal information is processed by the company.

Prevention of Risk Towards Company Reputation: Company reputation is one of our most valuable assets. We are always on alert not to enter any kind of suspicious business dealings which would jeopardize company’s reputation.

Personal Gain: We do not abuse company ownership, information or location for purposes of personal gain.

Confidentiality: Unless it is stated otherwise, we protect the company information and do not share it with family&friends and any other party except the colleagues who are authorised and permitted to access a certain level of information. We take any precaution necessary not to speak about confidential information openly in public places and when transporting such documents in the most secure way possible. Liability of protecting the company information does not cease even if the employment is terminated for any of our colleagues, regardless of any work contract signed or not.

Bribery: We do not give, nor offer, nor ask, nor accept any kind of bribery as cash or service of value or in any other form.

Company expects all its employees -regardless of their position- to act with honesty in business. It is hoped that all the above standards will set guidelines to help determine issues of honesty and also how to cope with such situations.